wt.. lip 16th, 2024
Trening angielskiego slajd 1

This last training in the series gives you 3 more synonymous idioms of: 'I AM AT SIXES AND SEVENS’. Remember that the presented examples may be similar or suggest little different meanings than the base 😊

So let’s go ❗


1️⃣ Read the first 2 slides and get familiar with the 3 synonymous idioms to train this week. We are going to express 'confusion’ using different expressions. You may give yourself 1 day to memorise them.

2️⃣ SLIDES 3-5 – Study the 3 idioms, read the examples out loud, practice the meaning and pronunciation. Make your own sentences using the synonymous idioms. Remember to write them down. Give yourself 3 days to practice each per day.

3️⃣ SLIDE 6 – NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! Complete the sentences with proper idioms – there more than one to match so use as many as you can think of. Write down your examples and practice them reading out laud. Give yourself 1-2 days to train.

4️⃣ SLIDE 7 – REMEMBER TO SHARE the training with your friends, give 👍 or ❤ and comment under the post. Let us know if You like this type of practice 😊

Have a good training ❗

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