pon.. maj 20th, 2024
Trening angielskiego slajd 1

Welcome to the first revision training of 1-4 sets of exercises 💪


1️⃣ Read the first 2 slides and get familiar with the revision tasks. There are 4 parts to train.

2️⃣ Now go to slide 3 and 4 – PART 1a and 1b, where You find described 8 situations (4 per each slide) – match the proper idioms to fit the descriptions. Give yourself 1 day for each slide to practice making sentences with them considering mentioned situations or thinking about similar ones. Give yourself 1-2 days to practice.

3️⃣ Go to slide 5 – PART 2 – Place one linker in each sentence. Then make your own examples to practice. Do it many times a day! Give yourself 1 day for practice.

4️⃣ Slide 6 – PART 3 – Here You find a story about going on a diet. Read it and rearrange the linkers which are placed wrongly. Then, try to finish the story with Your own idea. Give yourself 1 day for practice.

5️⃣ Slide 7 – PART 4 – Here You have sentences with linkers, but they need to be completed with Your own ideas! So have fun and make different versions. Give yourself 1 day to practice.

6️⃣ REMEMBER TO SHARE the training with your friends, give 👍 or ❤ and comment under the post. Let us know if You like this type of practice 😊


Good luck!

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