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Trening angielskiego slajd 1

TRAINING part 2:

1️⃣ Read the first 3 slides and analyse the list of another 4 examples of idioms used with I AM. Repeat them many times a day and try to memorise. If You need, give yourself a day to practice.

2️⃣ Now look through slides 4 – 7, where each slide explains one idiomatic phrase from the list. You find there explanation and examples of using the idiom.Repeat examples out loud to memorise. You also find a question to answer under each example. Practice one slide = one idiom every day for better memory.

3️⃣ Go to slide 8 – here you find all the 10 idioms from training 1 and 2 with translation. For memorising them well, repeat the sentences, guess the meaning, add your own information to make it real for you. Say them out loud to become more fluent. Give yourself a day to practice.

4️⃣ Slide 9 – Now it is your turn to do the talking. Answer the sample questions with your own ideas connected with you. Talk a lot during a day. Practice!

5️⃣ Remember to share the training with your friends, give 👍 or ❤ and comment under the post. Let us know if You like this type of practice 😊 It is good to write answers to questions in comments to keep a conversation with us!

NOW YOU TALK! Good luck!

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